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Programs and Services

All programs and training will be tailored to your dog's specific needs and goals. Each program comes with private one on one training so you get the personal guidance, plus UNLIMITED group training to put your new handling skills to work. Group class is where your dog learns to trust and listen to you in any situation, around any distraction! Since you have UNLIMITED group sessions, you can go at a slow, comfortable pace with no need to rush!

If needed, payment plans available for packages. 

Behavior Modification Program:

Puppy Training & Leash Manners

This program is for puppy training, dogs that pull on the leash, dogs who don't listen out on leash, or get over excited being out on leash. 

 This program is a mix of 5 private one on one training sessions and UNLIMITED group training. During the private training, I will guide you on everything you need to know on training your new pup or guide you on how to handle your dogs on leash. During group training you get the real life practice and experience. You get the opportunity to practice leash manners, social skills and threshold with dogs and other distractions around, but in a controlled and supervised setting. Since you have UNLIMITED group sessions, no need to rush! Go at your dogs pace.




Private Intro Session

Just getting started with training and not sure what to do? Or already dealing with behavioral issues and not sure what to do?

 During this in home private session, I will assess your dog and teach you to understand  his/her behavior, followed by guidance and a training regimen suited specifically for your dogs needs and goals.

There is no time limit for this session, it finishes when you and your dog have a clear understanding of what to do.




Behavior Modification Program

Aggression & Anxiety

This program is meant for dogs who display aggressive behavior towards people or other dogs, have a bite history or dogs with severe separation or social anxiety.  

This program is a mix of 10 private one on one sessions and UNLIMITED group sessions. During the private sessions I will teach you how to understand and change your dog's behavior and how to appropriately handle your dog around their triggers. During group class, you will practice leash manners and easy commands from a safe and comfortable distance from the other dogs. This will give your dog time to build confidence and learn to trust. Since you have unlimited classes, you can go at a slow, comfortable pace.  



Group Classes

Is your dog trained, but still gets reactive or overstimulated when they see dogs or go out on leash? This is because a dog's behavior changes with their environment. So unless you've actually practiced around dogs and other distractions, your dog will be too overstimulated to remember their training.

Group classes are a great opportunity for dog parents to get together and practice obedience, leash manners and social etiquette around other dogs and distractions. 


$55 per class.

$500 for 10 classes.


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