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Pawsitive healing la

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Why train with 
Pawsitive healing la?

With Pawsitive Healing LA you'll learn how to be the best parent/ leader for your dog! I'll teach you how to understand the root of your dog's behaviors and how to use positive reinforcement to build a strong, healthy relationship that will help your dog become their happiest, most well-behaved self!

My programs are a combination of private training and group training. During the one on one training I will teach you everything you need to know about handling your dog and can address any specific issues you need help with. Then when you're ready, group class is where you proof the training and practice real world scenarios, but in a controlled and supervised setting!    


No e-collars, prong collars or other aversive tools needed!

Training Services

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Private Intro Session

Just getting started with training and not sure what to do? Or already dealing with behavioral issues and not sure what to do?


Behavior Modification Program:

Puppy Training & Leash Manners

This program is for puppy training, dogs that pull on the leash, dogs who don't listen out on leash, or get over excited being out on leash. 


Behavior Modification Program:

Aggression & Anxiety

This program is meant for dogs who display aggressive behavior towards people or other dogs, have a bite history or dogs with severe separation or social anxiety. 


Group Classes

Is your dog trained, but still gets reactive or overstimulated when they see dogs or go out on leash? This is because a dog's behavior changes with their environment.

No e-collars, prong collars or other aversive tools needed!



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